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Melodious Pulcinella

Writing by Marco Melia
Year of production 2012
Puppets and direction Chiara Falcone
Puppeteer Marco Melia
Classic music

Duration: 40 minutes
Public: show for every kind of public from age
Techniques of movement: hand puppets with a black theatre
No words

Space: the show can be staged both indoor and outdoor, minimum space required 5×5 meters of length and depth, 3 meters’ height. In lack of a stage, a platform or a raised zone is appreciated.
Electric load: 220 volts electric connection.
Get-in time 1 hours, get-out 1 hour.

Pulcinella, the puppet, is stripped of its violent side, and made poetic and dreamy in its semblance, where the asperities of its face are smoothed away by a new roundness. Entirely accompanied by the music of Rossini, this Melodious Pulcinella meets the classical characters of the tradition of the Neapolitan puppets: the female figure, the dog, the policeman’s authority, the demon representing the relationship with the afterworld.
The characters can make unexpected things, thanks to the black theatre technique applied to puppets, in a succession of dynamic and exciting scenes.