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Orlando’s song

Writing by Marco Melia, based on Ludovico Ariosto’ s Orlando Furioso
Year of production 2010
Puppeteer and direction Marco Melia

Duration: 45 minutes
Public: show for every kind of public from age 3
Techniques of movement: hand puppets
Available in italian language

Space: the show can be staged both indoor and outdoor, minimum space required 5×5 meters of length and depth, 3 meters’ height. In lack of a stage, a platform or a raised zone is appreciated.
Electric load: 220 volts electric connection.
Get-in time 1 hours, get-out 1 hour.

This show was born from the intuition of making the famous stories of the champions of France enjoyable and amusing, interpreted by glove puppets who narrate them not in the traditional serious way of the Opra of the Sicilian pupi but in a new and ironic way. There are two different episodes “Durendal sword” and “Astolfo on the moon” , both are indipendent (last 45 minutes each) even if they have the same characters.