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History of a friendship

Based on Luis Sapulveda
Year of production 2009
Puppets and direction Chiara Falcone
Puppeteers Chiara Falcone and Marco Melia
Classic music

Duration: 45 minutes
Public: show for every kind of public from age 3
Techniques of movement: table puppets, actor’s theatre
Available in italian and french language

Space: the show can be staged both indoor and outdoor, minimum space required 5×5 meters of length and depth, 3 meters’ height. In lack of a stage, a platform or a raised zone is appreciated.
Electric load: 220 volts electric connection.
Get-in time 2 hours, get-out 2 hour.

It is a story based on the beautiful book by the contemporary writer Luis Sepulveda: an unusual encounter tells us of a friendship, of a tender and touching affection between two animals, apparently incompatible, who discover instead the beauty of difference, learning to know each other. The irony and the adventure are not missing in this compelling story with environmental matters of great importance as its background.
The puppets are visibly moved, they are soft, deformable outlines that cross a changing space full of secret openings, just as our hearts are.

The show has been represented in various schools, libraries and plazas, and has been hosted by the festival “Burattini in Mongolfiera” Pisa 2009, by the festival “Immagini dell’Interno”, Pinerolo 2011 edition, by the festival “Ti fiabo e ti racconto”, Molfetta 2012, by the festival “Teatri del mondo”, Porto Sant’Elpidio 2012 edition.