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Midsummer night’s dream

Based on William Shakespeare
Year of production 2007
Puppets, voices and direction Chiara Falcone
Puppeteers Chiara Falcone, Marco Melia
Music by Mendelson

Duration: about 1 hour
Public: show for every kind of public from age 6
Techniques of movement: rod puppets (pupi)
Available in italian language

Space: the show can be staged both indoor and outdoor, minimum space required 5×5 meters of length and depth, 3 meters’ height. In lack of a stage, a platform or a raised zone is appreciated.
Electric load: 220 volts electric connection.
Get-in time 2 hours, get-out 2 hour.

A comedy with an exciting plot illustrating the dynamics of love in all its aspects, it is staged in the traditional puppets’ theatre, alternating comic moments  with more lyrical situations thanks to the use of traditional rod puppets (Sicilian pupi-like) but also of flying puppets representing magical spirits, and of  special effects (as a theatre in the theatre). Text is reduced to the essential leaving space to movement and music.

The show has been staged in various plazas, schools, cities and has been hosted by the festival “La macchina dei sogni” 2008 edition, with the artistic direction of Mimmo Cuticchio, by the “Teatri del mondo” festival, Porto sant’Elpidio 2010 edition, by the Festival “Immagini dell’Interno”, Pinerolo 2011 edition.