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From a very early age is smitten by the theatre and starts to perform.
Her professional activity begins with a group of experimental theatre of the Lucanian area called
Spazioteatro. Continues her studies in Rome where she graduates in Cultural Anthropology at La Sapienza University with a thesis on the child theatre of the Societas Raffaello Sanzio, where she will attend in 2003 a laboratory of child theatre of the Stoa. Meets various teachers (among which Eugenio Barba, Mimmo Cuticchio, Pippo del Bono) and experiments with different artistic techniques, both theatrical and of movement: from contemporary dance to ethnic dances, to Argentinian and contemporary tango.

Specializes as a Puppeteer at the Atelier delle figure of the Theatre of Cervia and at the international puppets’ institute of Charleville-Mezieres with Stephan Mottran. Works with Mariano Dolci at the production of the theatre of shades “Brazza.” Works with Luciano Melani, actor and dubber, in projects of theatrical training for teen-agers. Directs, acts and operates puppets for the shows of her company.



Professional educator, specializes in services related to physical and mental disability. At the same time he makes experiences in the musical field as a percussionist, playing Italian, African and Indonesian percussions in groups of popular music and then in the “Stradabanda” of the People’s Music School of Testaccio in Rome. Since his first experiences as socio-cultural worker he uses puppets both recreationally within the educational relationship with children, and professionally setting up shows. He is in charge of the educational part for the T.E.A. Association, organizing laboratories on Puppetry for groups at various ages.

Also assists Chiara Falcone’s work as puppeteer and in general in all the artistic activities proposed by the association.

Trains as puppeteer and shadow maker with the help of Mariano Dolci and Gianluca di Matteo. Works as animator for the television show “Gli sgommati” on Sky channel.